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Kale & Quinoa or Chocolate & Wine?

So.  Many.  Questions. 


Should you count calories, check boxes or calculate points? 

Should you buy organic?   Gluten-free?  Vegan? 

What is a macro and why do they matter? 

What does ‘eating clean’ even mean? 

Is it really possible to be addicted to sugar? 

What about cravings and why can you not stop eating the _________ (fill in the blank).   


And can someone please answer the question up there about the chocolate and wine?


The answers to it all (including the kale & quinoa vs. chocolate & wine), is yes.  And no.


Because we’re all different. 

And this is about you.  And it’s about the food, except that sometimes it’s not.

Hi, I'm Kim!


Imagine for a minute just feeling great in your own skin.  What if the rows and rows of diet books at the local bookstore didn’t make your head spin because you already knew what worked for you? 

I became a Health Coach because I was a ‘trier of the fads, bumbling around and trying to figure out the ‘magic foods’ to feel great.  My restrictive (and sometimes weird) food choices led to a vicious cycle of restricting and binge eating.  I felt like crap most of the time – I was either starving and fighting cravings, or bloated and sluggish.  Finally, I decided it was time to stop trying ‘the newest thing’ and learn for myself what really worked. 

Once I became certified as Health Coach (and discovered it’s not always about the food), I knew it was time to share what I had learned! 


My focus:  Holistic Weight Loss for Women.  My mission:  To simplify nutrition (because, ladies, we’re busy and there’s no time for complicated).


So let’s unscramble it – the food, the cravings, and the why of it all.  And let’s keep chocolate on the menu!

Clients often tell me they never knew it was this easy to feel this good.


Ready to feel good too?

"Kim’s knowledge, kindness, and support is really what makes her standout above other coaches.  I feel for the first time I am going to succeed in this journey because of her." 

- Tamara H,


work with me

Each coaching session is 50 minutes
and can be done over the phone, in person, or via Skype.

Please watch for new package offers 

coming soon!

4 Week Coaching Sessions: $80

4 x 50-minute session to chat about changes to get you on the path
to feeling great without any overwhelm!


Six Session Back-On-Track Coaching: $110

6 x 50-minute sessions where we meet every two weeks
to discuss and begin manageable changes for ongoing success!


Twelve Week Emotional Eating Package: $180

12 x 50-minute sessions to get to the why of the food behavior. 
A must to finally break through binge/restrict, all-or-nothing, or eat in ‘robot mode’ behavior.


Before purchasing a package, or to discuss other package options,
let’s chat to see if we’re a fit!

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